Group Project makes data-driven technology to change the way that people and companies fit together. We’re building for a future of work where smart business means putting talent growth and inclusion first.

Our approach is a talent-driven strategic tool that allows leaders to adapt to ever-changing business needs dynamically, and use data to create the right team at the right time. It's a management model that's built for knowledge work, where talent is the #1 asset at most companies, and goals evolve constantly.

We believe the way we match people to work today isn’t working, and it’s time to change the tools we use to understand talent. That’s why we use factors much richer than current job functions, resumes, credentials, and job history to understand what people are capable of. It’s how we set them up for success with the work that fits their abilities - whatever their background. And we do it continually - so as companies and people change and grow, jobs grow too, and keep a tight fit between strategy and teams.

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Who? Why?

Group Project began when founder Sally Simms left Google in search of more diverse day-to-day work. Afterward, moving through startups and consulting in New York, she found that most people she worked with had broader potential than their narrow job descriptions allowed them to realize at work. She realized the way we envision roles is a mismatch for the kind of work we do now, and we need people tools as dynamic as contemporary careers, and as fast-paced as our rapidly-evolving businesses. So she set out to build a data-driven approach to matching people with work, where both are always changing.