Work at Group Project

Data Engineer

(part-time or full-time)

The data engineer at Group Project will get to help define foundational data models and dynamics that express a new vision for how individuals find the right professional opportunities to do their best work. Early on, that means supporting development of new data models, helping define and build algorithm dynamics, and leading data feedback structures and analysis.



  • You care about the problem of bias in hiring and staffing.
  • You see wasted potential in the way companies run now, and believe there's a better way for companies and employees to fit together.
  • You get excited about turning a nice thought into a data-driven action.
  • You're a systems thinker who likes to break things down, identifying dynamics and defining parts and interactions.
  • You can interpret conceptual or qualitative information into novel data models.
  • You have a basic understanding of algorithms and have experience working with other developers on data-driven products.
  • You can turn qualitatively expressed phenomena and dynamics into data experiments and algorithmic principles.
  • You can find the insights that matter in results from data experiments.

Business Development  +  Strategy Intern

Summer 2017

The Business Development Intern at Group Project will work closely with the founder on Group Project's pilot client program, launching in Fall 2017. You'll help build the program from the ground up, supporting each aspect - program design, pricing, timelines, staffing, outreach, marketing, etc. You'll participate in cross-functional work at an early-stage software company and get broad exposure to the dynamics and different functions at a startup.



  • You have great writing and verbal skills (writing sample required).
  • You have work, volunteer, or academic experience leading a program with a supporting team and a partner or client audience in the past.
  • You have a knack for simple document design - laying out website pages, PDFs, pitch decks, etc., and proficiency at least one design software or web-based layout tool. You're comfortable making a deck or document look good and read smoothly.
  • You are comfortable in meetings.
  • You're a known go-getter who doesn't get bored - you find something to do.
  • You'll be located in New York City for Summer 2017.


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